Evelien Bachrach

Evelien has a multifaceted background as both a teacher of English language and literature in The Netherlands, and as an artist and art instructor in both The Netherlands and the United States. Her studio is set among the woods and ponds of southern New Hampshire where she works in various media ranging from oils and watercolours to drawing and monotype printing, in styles reminiscent of the classical ways of using the brush to more impressionistic and free use of the palette knife.

Her passion is landscape and stillife, focussing on the timeless beauty she finds in these subjects, each reflects powerful elements of both her adopted- and her native country. Born and educated in the Netherlands where, after receiving her university degree in English language and literature, she completed classical training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Evelien came to live in New Hampshire in 1980 and began to teach classes and workshops at the Sharon Arts Center, privately on trips to Italy and southern France as well as in her studio in Hancock.

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Ongoing fellowship with Scaliger institute at Leiden University: editing and finishing the book "Sir Constantine Huygens and Britain vol.II"

About the Artwork

Working within both tradition and abstraction, my work is representational, and the subject is mostly landscape and still life. My intention in making art is pointing towards recognition of the quiet beauty that can be found in unspoiled landscape and uncomplicated still life.

Through observation, traditional or unconventional composition; the play of light and the transformation of colour and tone, I strive to evoke an appreciation of the pure and simple; a wish to preserve, to suggest a connection to the timelessness of natural beauty.